ANNOUNCEMENT: separate login hosts for cli PHP

Some contributors need a login shell to run CLI tools associated with upgrades to web applications, or to run batch processing associated with publication to their sites. In the past, we have supported such contributors by making the PHP CLI available via This has some advantages, but makes supporting multiple versions of PHP complicated and fragile. With the retirement of Login2, we are also retiring the practice of having the PHP CLI installed on

Moving forward, we are making available separate login hosts for PHP 7.4 (for legacy and archival reasons) and PHP 8.2 (our current default version). We are pleased to announce that both hosts are available for contributors to access today.

Should you need access, please reach out to us by opening a help request and we will make sure that your request is handled in a timely manner.

If I have an account, how do I access this resource?

Contributors will be provided with details that apply to their collections when the new hosts become available. Broadly, the workflow for accessing a PHP CLI will look like:

  1. Open a Terminal shell or SSH client on your machine

  2. Connect to

  3. From, connect to the particular login host with PHP provided to you.

If you have any questions about this, you should reach out to us via a help request.