ANNOUNCEMENT of replacement of login2, current host of


Login2, the host currently powering, will be replaced by a more modern host, also at


The change from old to new will happen on the morning of Monday the 22nd of July, 2024. There will be an outage of at least one hour, and after the outage, both SSH and SFTP will be available as before, but some other tools will only be available through other resources.


The operating system powering Login2 is reaching end-of-life, and as we prepared to replace it, we decided to alter the architecture to better support multiple PHP versions.


  • If you currently use only for copying or editing files for your website, no change to your work process should be needed.
  • If you need to run PHP to perform website updates (such as running WordPress CLI commands), you will need to use new systems to be announced. Separate announcements will be made about the transition to these systems with enough time for contributors to change their workflows.