Who to contact to get a mirror updated?


I’m on OpenMandriva QA Team. We appreciate all ibiblio does to support opensource and Linux distributions. A wonderful service for mankind.

I have known for some time that the http://distro.ibiblio.org/openmandriva/ is not updating. It looks like this has not updated since August 31 this year. Who do I contact to either get this updated or discover if there is a problem on our end? If problem is on our end I most likely can get this addressed.

I’m hoping I’ve posted this in correct place. I am not knowledgeable about managing mirrors but looks like I’m about to learn some of it.

This seems to have happened around the time OpenMandriva mirror stopped updating. Not sure if the two are related. And I still would like to learn if there is anything I can do to remedy the issue with OpenMandriva mirror not updating.


In general, you’re welcome to ask about mirrors support here, but historically I’m the one who tends our centrally-managed mirrors.

A few mirrors, however, are not handled locally with rsync but are instead managed through a dedicated account. In the case of OpenMandriva, your local account got left behind when ibiblio stood up a new login host and began transferring extant accounts on request, planning to clean through attrition. One of our graduate students transferred the account so you should again be able to push-mirror to ibiblio.

While we’re on the topic of the OpenMandriva mirror: you’re our largest mirrored Linux distribution by size, and one of the fewest-requested via HTTP. Is ibiblio considered an active mirror? Are we being treated as a secondary archive? If not, any chance we could prune some of the less-important content?


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Thanks for the reply. I am asking for some more knowledgeable people with OpenMandriva to get involved.

This should be something that can be improved. OM has it’s own archive as far as I know. Possibly OM should use a mirror only for latest stable release? I will be asking OM folks about this in out next meeting.

OK, now http://distro.ibiblio.org/openmandriva/ updated within the last hour. I am very grateful for this but do not know who did what on our end. I’m trying to find out, eventually I will.

I intend to push very hard in our next meeting (should be Wed, 2020-12-2) to get our footprint at ibiblio smaller. Will report what transpires. It does seem unfair and unnecessary for OM to occupy so much space.

I can say that the directory for “3.0” can be removed. That is way past EOL. When we as a group reach agreement there should be more that can be removed. Also I will be asking to “trim” what we provide to mirrors from our server, this just makes sense to me. (We do not need to be mirroring all those arches for one. I will suggest we only mirror x86_64 and znver1 for our Rolling and stable releases, and ISO’s.)

Thanks @dls and @cmpalmer for your help on this. My learning on this mirroring is progressing, but more slowly than I wished for.

The connection part I can help with - we’re seeing “push-mirroring” (rsync over SSH) coming to login.ibiblio.org from 2001:470:25:496::2 every 4 hours. If 3.0 is far past EOL and you could add the flags ‘–exclude=3.0/ --delete-excluded’ to the cronjob it would remove 3.0 on our end.

We’re not hurting terribly for space, but we’re a shared free resource, is why I asked.


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We had our meeting and the general consensus was that the request for OM to reduce it’s footprint was very legitimate and fair. We are now working on this. We are approaching this to reduce footprint on all mirrors not just ibiblio. Most people in the meeting, myself included, just had not considered this.

FWIW as a group OpenMandriva contributors are a handful of all volunteer, part-time, and unpaid folks. So it may be some days until our changes show on mirrors.

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