What happened to www.celestiamotherlode.net?

Hello, what happened to www.celestiamotherlode.net? Was its domain expired, was it under maintenance, or it’s just that you can’t handle that website anymore, and you had to close it down? That was my favorite website, but you guys had to change everything, in which it now redirects to your website. I hope it comes back, so farewell for now, celestiamotherlode.net :frowning:.

Hello @rl90599 and welcome. Thanks for your interest in and support of one of our collections. Software powering that collection was unmaintained, and the sites associated with the collection were disabled yesterday as part of recovering from an outage affecting many of our collections. The future of the collection depends on the collection maintainers, and we hope to see that collection flourish again soon.

Every day when I go to http://celestiamotherlode.net/index.php, it either shows up normally with a few errors, and then chaos erupts and causes the site’s pages to be either gone or not rendering properly (that’s why I call them “seizures”). It has been about 3 WEEKS since it was down for maintenance.

I’ve edited your topic title, since ‘site seizure’ has a particular narrow meaning for most readers, and your question is not about that. Additionally, please categorize new topics you open on this site, as it helps both staff and other users of the site to understand and help. Lastly, writing in all caps for emphasis is akin to shouting. Please reflect on how that will be received.

I understand the frustration you and many others are feeling for a variety of reasons. Know that we here have been dealing with at least three distinct major disruptions, one of which caused all storage to become unavailable abruptly just this past Wednesday. We are doing our best to improve stability and give clear timelines, but sometimes factors outside our control make that impossible. We can’t give you a timeline.

For more clarity specific to celestiamotherlode, you’ll need to reach out to the maintainers of the site itself. We manage infrastructure behind sites such as celestiamotherlode, but each collection is managed independently. If you know the site maintainers, I encourage you to point them to this thread so they can ask questions or make requests that can help them improve the stability of their site. If they’re concerned that their questions shouldn’t be public, you can point them to the help request form here, which will open a ticket with us.