Warning about a spambot on the OESF forum


I’m one of the admins of the Open Embedded Software Foundation forum (https://www.oesf.org). For the site we are running a recent forum software and we have setup a two-steps QuestionCaptcha which has been proven to be helpful to keep spambots from registering on the forum. Unfortunately they sometimes still manage to pass the captcha. While they usually post harmless links to apps or services, yesterday one of them has posted messages where they offered the supply of fake documents, like passports and driving licences. We have banned the account and deleted all the related posts, the admin who did this has also sent all the details and messages of this spammer to the cybercrime police of his country (UK).
I’d like to ask you if any other action is required from our side, and if we should warn you in the future about any other type of spambot activities on our forum promoting illegal services. We can provide screenshots of the related messages and the IP address of the spambot. We have now set a hidden subforum where we’ll move this kind of posts, to retain the evidence in case it will be required.

Thanks and regards
Daniel Beorchia
OESF forum admin