URGENT: audio-ice2.ibiblio.org is down

The icecast server for WHUP is down.

https://audio-ice2.ibiblio.org:8000/whup-128k is unreachable.

@whupitdept We believe this was due to an underlying hardware problem which has now been resolved. https://audio-ice2.ibiblio.org/whup-128k is working again. Please let us know if you notice any further issues.

Thanks! Is it possible to set up an alternative stream on the other server? My assumption is that it is running on difficult hardware. That way we could get a bit of redundancy.


@whupitdept We are working on a plan to upgrade our icecast hosting and will contact you directly when we have more details.

The https version of the audio-ice2 is not working.


Please update asap!


@whupitdept It is working at https://audio-ice2.ibiblio.org/whup-128k (If you have questions about the URL, please let us know.)

@milberg This doesn’t load in desktop browsers (firefox or chrome or safari). Works fine on safari in iOS.

@whupitdept Have you tried with the port 8000 part omitted?

That fixed it! Note that it’s inconsistent and the WSOE admin will need to be notified as well to correct their stream URL in their source. See below.

@whupitdept Thanks for pointing out the inconsistency. We will look into it and let you know when fixed.