Upload for Folkstreams

We have been given a Google Suites account for non profits which has a shared drive that I understand is unlimited. Our movie files are on a 8 T hard drive formatted Mac Extended Journaled. I don’t have the capacity or speed here in my Delaplane, VA office to upload . Steve Weiss who heads the Southern Folklife Collection suggested that I contact Cristobal about this.

Is there someone at ibiblio who can set this up for us? Folkstreams can pay someone to do it if needed.

Hi @Tom, and welcome to our support site.

I think the best way for us to upload this in a timely manner would be if you’re able to mail a hard drive to our offices. I’ll send you a physical address in a private message here.

@Tom I’ll just add that when you get messages from the forum, you’ll receive them via email. It’s a bad idea to post your email address publicly on this forum, since it gets crawled and indexed. It just ups the amount of garbage headed your way. If you don’t see the message with the physical address, just let us know by replying here.


I am picking up the 8T HD tomorrow. It is the back-up drive and formatted Mac Extended Journaled.
What address?


  1. Log into your G Suites Email ([redacted] )

  2. In the top-left corner of the screen, click on Google Apps (the nine dots)

  3. Scroll down through the apps and click on Admin (the blue hexagon)


  1. Log into your G Suites Email ([redacted] )

  2. In the top-left corner of the screen, click on Google Apps (the nine dots)

  3. Scroll right and click on Drive (the triangle)

  4. On the left column, click on Shared Drive > Folkstreams Films Shared Drive

IMPORTANT: Do not click on My Drive; that is your personal 30GB drive, and is entirely separate from the Folkstreams Films Shared Drive. pw is [redacted]

[mod edit: redacted some PII]

Cristobel, I changed the pw listed in the previous communication . Your warning about crawlilng the site was taken!

Cristobal (note the a rather than e) here… If you’re trying to give us instructions on how to upload the contents of the hard drive once it arrives, I’m not following. If they’re instructions for something else, I need help understanding what that something is.

As for the address, you’ve been sent a message with that address. From a desktop browser, click on your own avatar (top right in the interface), then on the envelope icon, and you’ll see your messages. You should also have received emails each time I’ve sent you messages or replied to your posts here on this support site, and you should be able to get to your messages by clicking from there.

Hi again Tom! The drive you sent arrived, but we’ll need to talk with you more about upload access, and we should probably do that in a more private way. Please check your email for a new ticket with the subject line: “folkstreams backup upload troubleshooting”