Thursday 24 September 2:30pm vhost web node change (rescheduled change)

ibiblio staff are re-deploying the web nodes powering at 10am local time on Wednesday in order to revise the security policies affecting the service. We have done a review of the sites we host through this service and do not believe there will be any noticeable impact on the collections either from the perspective of contributors or the public.

You can click on this link to see a countdown to the redeploy regardless of your timezone.

If after the redeploy you believe that the change did in fact impact your hosted site, please reply to this topic.

Due to the Cooling event at data center the update originally planned for 16th September has been rescheduled for Monday 21st September at 10am local time.

We are finally able to deploy this change today, Thursday the 24th, at 2:30pm local time (EDT).

These changes have been deployed across all vhost backend web servers. If your collection is powered by and started having a new problem between 2:30p today and now, please let us know.