Site redirect/certificate issue

Our site, appears to be set to redirect to but the www. version is not listed in the cert so it throws a browser security warning. The site is static html with relative internal links. We tried redirecting away from www. through mod_rewrite but it seems like it gets stuck and times out when we use mod_rewrite.

We’d like the readers to browse the site under https without getting warnings.
Does anybody have any thoughts on how we might acheive our goal?

With apologies for the delay, we’ve added the www subdomain to the certificate. Does it work for you now?

Works now, thanks very much for doing this.

And, our sincere thanks for keeping ibiblio going, it is doubtless one of the most venerable projects on the internet!

Out of curiosity, is the vhost entry redirecting to www?

I’ve tried Firefox, Chrome, and curl, and none of them redirect from to Are you seeing a redirect? If so, what client and OS are you using?