Request permission to use photo


I am preparing to publish a small book on the 161st Infantry Regiment’s service during World War II. Most of their time is spent serving in the Pacific Theater, particularly in the Solomon Islands and the Philippines.

I am requesting permission to use the New Georgia Group Map (June 1943) found in Part II: Toenails Operation, Chapter 1: Objective: New Georgia “Background of Munda” (History of U.S. Marine Corps Operations in World War II) by Henry I. Shaw, Jr. and Major Douglas T. Kane. Use of this map will help readers understand the specific geographic location for which the regiment was responsible.

I apologize if I have reached out to the wrong person in error, but if I have, I would be grateful if you could point me toward the correct person to contact regarding permission to use this map. I have included the map below in case that provides further assistance.

Thank you for your time,

Laura Briere

Hi Laura,

At ibiblio we just host collections for others and don’t manage the content so can’t give any permissions. You’d have to go to the site you found the map on and find contact information for the collection owner.