Request permission to use copyright map

To Whom It May Concern:

My book, Never Give Up, which is my Uncle Drolan Chandler’s personal story of combat in the jungles of the Philippines, during WWII, his subsequent capture, internment in Bilibid Prison, O’Donnell and Cabanatuan prisoner of war camps, then transfer to Japan to serve in forced labor in the coal mines, is scheduled to be published this month by BookBaby.

I am, hereby, requesting permission to use your copyright map, entitled Operations in WWII – Western Pacific Operations, Philippine Islands,
This map would be informative for readers in locating the war events I describe in his story. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to include it as a reference source, if you will grant permission.
I appreciate your consideration of my request, as soon as possible, due to planned publication for this month.

Myra Jones
(205) 427-6972

Requests to use copyrighted material are directed to the owners of the collection. We will send you information regarding contacting them.

@myragoodejones just chiming in to add that there is contact info for the hyperwar project here. The image looks like a scan from a book (you can see shadows of text from the reverse of the page), so I doubt the hyperwar project itself holds the copyright to the map, but that’s a question for them.

Okay, thank you for your response.

I have not received any links for owner of collection. I appreciate your guidance regarding this matter. I am past deadline, waiting to get permission for this map and one other in that collection. Thank you.