Redeployed web server hosts powering

We’ve redeployed the web server hosts powering These now have newer operating systems and more php functions disabled. If your site was working this morning before 11:28am Eastern and now is not, please note your collection’s full URL in a reply here and we will investigate.

EDIT to add: the default PHP version also changed from 7.1.x to 7.3.x during this redeploy.

Bluegrass Discography is down, or at least not searchable (runs on PHP). URL is: Bluegrass Discography: Search Home

Bluegrass Discography: Search Home ( Bloody Microsoft Edge!

We will open an RT ticket to share error logs and talk about specific PHP changes candidly, but to share generally here for the benefit of others, resources such as this web-based tool or this static analyzer you can download allow folks to see what about their PHP code is not compliant with PHP 7.3.x

If you don’t see an RT ticket in your inbox or spam trap by noon EST today, please reach out again.

Getting 504 Error message for Folkstreams

Hi Tom, It should all be working now. Let us know if you continue to have trouble with it.

The site is loading now for me.