Obtaining another directory

I would like another directory of some of the material on my “cizewski” directory.

Out of my family history directory “cizewski”


has evolved the “Unofficial Archive of the U.S. Army Signal Corps in WWII”.


That has reached a size and complexity that it should have its own directory.

The history of the evolution is that my late father served in the WWII Signal Corps.

I used my family history directory to share WWII documents that would be useful to families researching their relatives’ WWII Signal Corps service.

Families shared documents and their relatives’ stories and photos which I posted on my family history directory.

I created an Unofficial Archive of the U.S. Army Signal Corps in WWII blog and Facebook Group which resulted in more documents, files, and photos being shared and uploaded to my family history directory.

Hello - I’ll open a help desk ticket to manage the details of this - but yes, since we are already hosting the content I’d be happy to move it to it’s own directory.

sarahwh, Thank you. Leonard