Need the source code resources of a demo

Hi, I am Veivesh and currently doing a research project on realistic tree growth stimulation in a metaverse environment and came across this resource on tree growth webGl animation in this portal. Is it possible to get the source code access/fork on github for the particular resource stated below.

Growing maple (

Thanks in advance.

@Veivesh_Krishnakumar To see the source code for that demo, while viewing the page in a browser, you can select the option to view the page source that applies to your browser.

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Thanks @milberg for the swift response.

Also how can I find the actual author of this work so I can properly give them credits and citation? I understand this is an extension of Jules Bloomenthal’s research but I couldn’t find the owner of the code anywhere under the code files. TIA :pray:

@Veivesh_Krishnakumar Hi Veivesh– what you’re looking for can be found via the following link: An Interactive Introduction to Splines

Check the footer of this page for credits. I hope this helps!

Found it. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: