My anti-Hot Linking measures broken?

For several years now I’ve had a couple of PERL/CGI scripts protecting my images from hot linking and subsequent bandwidth theft.

If somebody attempts to load a protected image on a domain I haven’t authorised using a link to the image this is loaded instead:

I should also see the referring URL here:

I noticed a few days ago, after editing bandits.log, which I do occasionally to prevent it growing very large, that there are no new entries.

I haven’t made any changes to the scripts so I’m wondering if it’s a server issue?

I tested by posting an image URL on my own domain and it does show instead of the actual image, but there’s no entry on it on

Any help would be appreciated.

@freax We’ll generate a ticket on your behalf in which we can discuss details of your site to get this issue resolved.

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Thanks for your email.
The issue is now resolved.