lost credentials, very old account @ distro.ibiblio.org

I am reviving Damn Small Linux and would like to start updating my account with new distro offering. I used Ibiblo as the primary mirror in the past ans would like to again.

Unfortunately the project has been dormant for a very long time and I have misplaced my credentials. Who and how do I contact to have my login information sent to me?

[personal info redacted]

Hi John! Welcome back! Two things:

One is that the help request form on our website is the place to go for account reset help, but you don’t have to do that for this request because I’ve opened a ticket for you–check your spam trap if you don’t see it, and look for the ticket number: 52974.

Two is that it would be neat and helpful if you could go ahead and put something on the damnsmalllinux.org domain that points back to us as a confirmation of your control of that domain. It doesn’t have to be on the homepage for now if you don’t want to spoil your comeback announcement, but maybe you can find a way to use an ibiblio logo somewhere. Feel free to follow up about this in the ticket mentioned above rather than reply here.

Hello Cmpalmer,

Thank you for the welcome back! I have looked in the spam trap and inbox for the ticket email but it seems no where to be found. Is it possible to access the ticket via a web interface while being logged in here?

As requested I have added the logo link to the thank you section at the bottom of the announcement page here:

Also thank you also for the link to the support form. I actually filled that out with the reactivation request a few days before posting here. It looks like I am unable to receive those notifications even though I was able to register here and receive email notifications from this help section.