Let's Encrypt - Change for older browsers/devices

Some of our hosted cites use certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt. Today we forward a message from the Let’s Encrypt staff:

On September 30, there will be a change in how older browsers and
devices trust Let’s Encrypt certificates, resulting in a minor decrease
in compatibility. If you run a typical website, you won’t notice a
difference. Devices and browsers running up-to-date software will
continue working fine, and we’ve taken steps to make sure the vast
majority of older devices will too. If you run a large website, or need
to support less common software (particularly non-browser software),
you’ll want to read about the details at:


In either case, no action is required from you. We’re letting you know
so you can provide answers to any questions your site visitors may have.

Since 2015 we’ve served the world with 1.6 billion free certificates,
each one providing security and privacy to people on the Web. It’s work
that’s 100% funded by charitable donations since we are a nonprofit. If
your company is interested in sponsorship, please email
sponsor@letsencrypt.org. If you can make a donation, we ask that you
consider supporting our work today: Donate - Let's Encrypt
Thank you.

  • The Let’s Encrypt team

If you have questions or concerns, please let us know.