Introduction and question on the availability of repo

I used and learned about ibiblio long ago while being introduced to Refracta and the great guy Fsmithred that created it, who was later consumed by work for Devuan. In my path through non-systemd utilizing FOSS I and a couple of co-conspirators we have finally decided to get out own system going. Basically we are utilizing pacman (the package management in Arch linux and its arch-based distros) and makepkg and coming up with a cleaner sequence of a core chroot system that can be utilized to build any chosen system from source. We have started work on a gitea instance but since funding is scarce, we don’t have a primary repository for the binaries, which should be around 300-400MB.

The name joborun stands for JWM, OpenBox, Obarun-linux, Runit which can eventually develop into the bootable system for those willing to do some of the tedious work of building every single package needed from source, utilizing our core, free of systemd, any form of logind, dbus, and udev. Runit, s6, 66, smdev, nldev, mdevd, and libudev-zero, and seatd, will be available as alternatives, maybe someday ska-bus when it becomes use-able. One can start from what we recommend and since it will be highly Arch compatible they can go their merry way, just not looking for any extensive DE-gui support. We see it as showing people a different way that is not readily marketed as viable.

Obarun has done great work acting as a full distribution for any and every use, but it is lacking in utilizing arch-core pkgs that are built in the presence of system & libs, udev, etc. We believe a cleaner base is necessary, especially when some of those core pkgs can’t be readily built from source in the absence of systemd. In a way we will be bridging this gap between Arch and Obarun. The deeper we dig into the work the more merit this project seems to deserve.

We are sharing all this in belief that we are in good company here, it appears as a good home for a project like ours, and it can compliment the work that is also housed here.

joborun is not going to really be a distro, but a concept under which you can build your own.

PS The site for ibiblio mentions sending an appeal/application to present and utilize the resources, but the only contact we readily found was a snail mail address, and I can’t even remember the last time I had to lick a stamp :slight_smile:

Thanks for your interest in hosting a collection with us. Based on your post, we reviewed our page for would-be contributors and found that one of the links to the help request form was broken, so thanks! We have fixed that.

Since it looks like this is a draft collection proposal, I am taking the liberty of opening a help request on your behalf using the email you used to post here. If you don’t see that in your email shortly, please check your spam trap.