Funky email supposedly from iBiblio, is it legit?

Hi! I just received an email supposedly from ‘admin’ ‘at’ ‘’ with some text like this:

[ibiblio logo]…

Subject: Greetings from ibiblio

Greetings from ibiblio…

You are receiving this message because you have a user account at that is associated with a directory for a website hosted by ibiblio. We have recently migrated the user info [… text omitted …]

Your ibiblio username is: xxxxxx

And your site directory is: xxxxxx

Your ibiblio filepath is: xxxxx

[…much more text omitted…]





It asks me to fill out a form at ‘forms’ ‘dot’ ‘gle’, describing my site. It suggests I contact ‘sarahwh’ ‘at’ ‘’ for questions about this form and the customer relationship management system at iBiblio.

Reviewing the headers, it seems to really come from ‘outlook’ ‘dot’ ‘unc’ ‘dot’ edu’ with an SPF soft fail.

I decided to post here, just in case it can help others.

Hi there @gerardr. Yes, the email really is from us. @sarahwh has done a huge amount of work going through all our collections and setting up our first-ever contributor database that will be used in the future for more tailored communications.

For example, we might send out a notice only to those collections that are known to be running WordPress, or only those collections hosted out of /public/html (vs. /public/vhost). This first email is simply to validate our contact information and other basics about the collections we believe to still be maintained.

Again, thanks for posting. It’s good to confirm that messages claiming to be from ibiblio are in fact from us, and as a reminder, we will NEVER ask you for your password to either login.ibiblio or your email. As admins, we will simply reset such passwords if circumstances warrant such action. Any message that claims to be from an admin and asks you to supply a password should be considered highly suspect.

The message folks will have seen from @sarahwh directs to a google form which does not ask for a password, but instead asks only to confirm your email, what collection you manage, and several status items about that collection, such as whether you’re still willing and able to keep the software up to date.

Also be aware that we are having some issues with the captcha on the form at, if you attempt to send us a help request and aren’t able to please post here at and someone will follow up with you.