Error incorrect password

Hi guys,
I have been missing out on all the “excitement” with login difficulties!

I was doing plenty of offline development on EasyOS, and today have something to upload. I am using Got that changed-RSA-key thing, managed to clear that, but then got:

“Error: incorrect password was entered”

I tried and, same thing.

The username for that account is “easyos”

I also maintain Quirky Linux, username “quirky”, and same problem, incorrect password.


Hello - both have been updated so they should be working now. We recommend that you go ahead and change your password at this time.

Same sad story. I had a great passwd. Now if I could only remember it. I can’t. I need a reset, please. For

sent it in a private message. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello! Can I also please get a reset for my password (mastewar1 at Thanks!

Good morning - could you open a help desk ticket for this one?