DNS issue causing outage

There is a current DNS issue making ibiblio.org and other ibiblio sites unavailable. Investigation is in progress.

We identified the root cause as an issue with the registrar of the ibiblio.org domain name. Regrettably, during the time it took us to identify the registrar as the source of the problem and escalate with the registrar until they made a change, DNS was completely unavailable, and some tools cache negative results for different amounts of time. We do not yet have a clear picture of which services are still impacted. We are working to restore those services which we can at this time. When we have a clear list of impacted host names and services and a timeline for resolution, we will update this thread.

Hi! From my perspective, login2 was out originally, but came back last evening. It basically lost its mind about its NFS mounts, so that I received the error, ‘Could not chdir to home directory /export/sunsite/users/gerardr: Permission denied’. However, it is back in failure mode again with the same error.