[COMPLETE] PLANNED Maintenance: June 2021 migration for mysql1

We are migrating mysql1.ibiblio (aka mysql1.int.ibiblio, aka db1) to new hardware this morning starting at 9:30a local (Eastern time). This will be the most disruptive of our database migrations. Any applications in your collections that depend on mysql1 may show a database error or otherwise have degraded functionality during the maintenance. We expect to be done before 11:45a local. If your site or application in your collection that depends on mysql1 is still having trouble after noon eastern today, the 16th of June, please reply below and we’ll look into it.

EDIT to add: we have spot-checked various collections that have databases on mysql1, and we believe mysql1 is working as expected. If your site using a database on mysql1 is still having trouble, please let us know by replying here.

Has there been any change (e.g. version upgrade) to the MySQL software itself? The reason I ask is that a SQL command that used to work on our database now fails with an error.

There was definitely a change to the MySQL software - the new version tripped up a problem with one of our scripts (that had run without error in the previous version). Fortunately we were able to update our scripts to fix the problem.

In the future, however, please try to warn us of software changes like this.

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You’re right. The old version was mariadb 10.0.38. The new version should be visible by establishing a connection with the mysql client and then issuing a ‘status’ (or ‘\s’ for short) command. We believed we were safe in not sharing this change because the protocol version did not change, but it’s now clear that was not a safe assumption. If you have a ~/.my.cnf file with credentials, here’s what getting the version looked like before the change:

$ mysql -e 'status' | grep -i version
Server version: 10.0.38-MariaDB-wsrep MariaDB Server, wsrep_25.25.rc3fc46e Protocol version: 10

I’ll add that we’re working on filling out our contributor database so future communication about changes should be more targeted. For example, contributors with a database on mysql1 would get a message about upcoming maintenance impacting that host, but contributors with databases on other hosts would not.