We are migrating the service known as mysql3.ibiblio.org or mysql3.int.ibiblio.org to new hardware this morning. Any sites which rely on databases on the old host will be unavailable or degraded in their service while the maintenance is in progress. We expect to be finished by 11am local time today, Wednesday the 2nd of June, 2021. If your site is configured to use mysql3 and you are having errors at or after noon today, please reply here and let us know.

Previous Maintenance Announcement

We are testing our backup and restore system this morning, which will involve databases on mysql3.ibiblio.org being unavailable for periods of time. The maintenance starts now and may last until as late as noon today. We do not expect all databases to be down at once, and we do not expect any one outage to last more than about thirty minutes. If your collection which uses mysql3 is down for more than an hour, or is still down after noon, please let us know.

This work is complete. If you’re having trouble with your collection, and you know your database is on mysql3, please let us know.

[June maintenance] This work is again complete. We believe the migration was a success. If you have evidence that something is amiss, please let us know.