Certificate for our website (and several others) has expired

From Firefox: "Websites prove their identity via certificates, which are valid for a set time period. The certificate for confluence.org expired on 10/15/2021.


When I look at the certificate, I see that it also applies to “www.animadance.org”, and several other sites that you host.

Was just coming here to post this. I run VermontLibraries.org and this error just showed up today or yesterday. If you see my last post, this was a certificate that was renewed in October, so maybe there is something else going on? Thanks for looking into it.

Well I certainly have egg on my face. We made a change yesterday using automated tooling designed to keep our machines in a known state. Unfortunately, the certificate that was new as of October was not put into that tooling, so when I applied the “known state” yesterday, I inadvertently removed the most current certificate and put the old (expired) certificate back in place.

Unfortunately the certificate renewal process still involves manual human steps. I’m adding a warning in our howto document about this incident, which I hope will prevent me (or other future admins) from making the same mistake again. Thanks to both of you for flagging this.

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Thanks for the speedy resolution. All fixed now (and it kind of looks good to my organization when something goes sideways and is fixed fairly promptly - thank you!)

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