CAPTCHA missing from mailing list

I’m trying to fix the captcha prompt that is missing from the sign-up page for my list. Previously, CM Palmer was able to fix the problem by correcting the listinfo.html template to include the call to add the CAPTCHA. Can he do it again and somehow prevent it failing again?

diff -Naur listinfo.html{.old,}
--- listinfo.html.old   2020-07-20 19:55:28.977172000 -0400
+++ listinfo.html       2020-07-20 19:55:57.891263000 -0400
@@ -113,7 +113,8 @@
         <td>Please fill out the following captcha</td>
-        <td><mm-recaptcha-javascript></td>
+      <mm-recaptcha-ui>
+      <mm-captcha-ui>
        <td colspan="3">

This was the fix. We can’t guarantee that a future update won’t break your listinfo page. The most compatible way forward is for you to have no customization of your listinfo page at all, but we will do what we can if you have issues in the future. Please let us know whether that worked.

Unfortunately, my programming experience is limited to Assembler, Fortran, and C. Otherwise, I would have put in the HTML fix you provided. The last fix for this was in 2016, so I would be happy if it lasts at least that long. I appreciate your support difficulties and thank you for taking the time to fix this, once again.

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Just as a further follow-up, it seems that some listinfo pages that have the…


… bits in their template still don’t function correctly (eg. either the CAPTCHA doesn’t appear, or when the subscribe button is hit, the landing page shows the error “reCAPTCHA validation failed: missing-input-response.” We hypothesize that this is because the page as rendered doesn’t validate (eg. using this valiidator), and we were able to fix a second list by removing the existing listinfo.html custom template, copying the default template, and then adjusting it so that it validates. Another change that may have contributed to the fix is that we visited the reCAPTCHA admin page here and made a new set of keys which we put in our as RECAPTCHA_SITE_KEY and RECAPTCHA_SECRET_KEY values. Hopefully this will help some other sites using GNU Mailman 2.x who are troubleshooting reCAPTCHA.

Lawrence London here, I have offered to help Sherwin insert this code into his list page html. If he follows through and wants me to do it a hint on where to insert the code and whether any other mods are needed (lines, characters deleted) would be useful.
Which option is to be selected to display the necessary code to edit:

midfex – HTML Page Editing

Select page to edit:

  • [General list information page]
  • [Subscribe results page]