Cannot access blastwave ftp mirror

After scouring all over the web and asking all around, I had finally found a mirrror of files i’d been searching all corners of the web for. the blastwave solaris packages, upon accessing - it rqeuested my credentials.

I tried anonymous/anon and no username, no luck. I am not familiar with this site so I tried it poke around to see if there was some place I had to register, but it’s not really clear. I only see a forum, this forum and nothing else besides that ftp.

So I am pretty confused about what to do next, an ancient server @ my work place is having an outagbe due to disk failure, and while I have reinstalled the OS to it, it is missing ancient, obscure software for solaris SPARC that I can only find on the blastwave mirror on your FTP.

Thanks for reaidng

Try accessing via HTTP instead of FTP: Index of /blastwave/