Are Uploads for Folkstreams stalled?

I checked the shared drive on the google account for the uploads and it ends with “It Ain’t City Music”. I could see no uploads for April. Can you let me know what is happening. Thanks

We don’t have a specific timeline for this. This depends on resumption of access to campus, which may be as soon as next week or as late as post-graduation (Mother’s Day). The files in question should be safe in the ibiblio office until we’re able to go there again.

Please let us know about upload progress for Folkstreams. You started with a flourish!

We’ve ordered a part that will allow us to resume uploads, and shipment tracking shows that it should arrive by this coming Monday. I’ll give you an update once we’ve got uploads flowing again.

Ever hopeful! Thanks.

Part arrived early. You should see some uploads later today.