About the Outage category

If you know or believe that some ibiblio infrastructure is down for everyone and not just you, this is the place to post.

We have monitoring that covers many of the things that could go wrong with our infrastructure, and often we will catch and fix things before our contributors notice, but this is the place to speak up if for some reason we haven’t posted about it.

If you’re getting an error, please take steps to confirm that the error applies to everyone and not just you. If you can’t reach an ibiblio-hosted site, you could try plugging it into https://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ before posting about it. If it is down for everyone and it is your site, can you confirm that it’s not a configuration issue such as a typo in a .htaccess file. If it’s something like that, your post belongs over in the Help category instead of here.